Extreme expedition
«To find a fallen star »
Team consists of professional instructors and non professional participants with a common goal - to find the descent vehicle of the spacecraft "Soyuz MS" with the crew of the International space station after it's regular lending in the steppes in Kazakhstan and to watch the actions of search and rescue forces in the search of this device, its maintenance and evacuation of astronauts from a safe distance and not intervene in their actions.
Who can become a participant or the expedition?
Anyone who has a genuine interest in this event can become a participant, as well as if you have an opportunity to find five or six days in your schedule to take part in the expedition, also anyone who has signed an agreement on participation in the financing of the expedition can become a member. Only organizers can make a decision about the number of participants. At the moment, there are no more than 20 people, in case if there are just two passengers in one car and no more than 10 people if there is only one person.
When and where does the expedition take place?
The expedition takes place 2 times a year, usually in the second half of spring and autumn - during the landing of the spacecraft «Soyuz». Participants travel by cars of the increased passability (jeep brands "Toyota", "Nissan", "Mitsubishi") in Kazakhstan. Starting point is Moscow, then participants take a flight to one of the cities of Kazakhstan: Kostanay, Astana, Karaganda (depending on the time of the expedition and other factors), a stop at the hotel, which includes three or four meals a day during the preparation for the expedition. Further, moving to the steppe, - living in extreme conditions (2-3 days). Mileage during this time will take from 1000 to 3000 km depending on the specific point of landing.
Who is an organizer?
The organizers are professionals of aerospace search and rescue, who are engaged in the search and rescue support of landings of descent vehicles for more than 15 years and have extensive experience in this field.
By June 2019, 21 expeditions have already been carried out.
17-я экспедиция
18-я экспедиция
19-я экспедиция
20-я экспедиция
During the expedition, all participants will have the opportunity to experience the real conditions in which aviation rescuers work, providing search and evacuation of astronauts, to get acquainted with the unique method of search and rescue support for the landing of Russian spacecraft and see the landing of a spacecraft with astronauts on Board. In addition, the participants of the expedition can learn more about the history of space exploration and about the stages of the descent and the technical equipment of the lander spacecraft "Soyuz", they can receive theoretical knowledges about dynamic operations into orbit, searching the lander, astronauts' evacuation and also participants can learn how to survive in extreme conditions and drive the vehicles more than 300 miles across the steppe to the landing area of the lander independently focusing on the ground.
22 Extreme expedition
«To find a fallen star» is planned
September - October 2019 year